Miles for Migraine Youth Camps are for kids and teens with chronic migraine and their parents. Youth Camps are designed to build community, empower kids with new ways to cope with their illness, and to provide families with the most current medical information.

  • Informative camp leaders who specialize in adolescent headache disorders
  • Fosters new friendships among youth who are often isolated due to their headaches
  • Programs include relaxation, self-regulation, guided imagery, biofeedback, yoga, art sessions, and separate teen and parent discussion groups

The camp is ongoing throughout the year. We hold an education day for families 1-2 times/year, and social events the remainder of the year. Teens not only have the opportunity to interact with others impacted by migraine disease, but also learn about advocacy and how to create more awareness in their communities. Parents and caregivers who are also impacted by this disease, have the opportunity to learn, feel supported, and receive respite care in this ongoing community.

For more information about Youth Camps in San Francisco, contact Janet Corroo at [email protected]. For camps in Philadelphia, contact Shirley Kessel at [email protected].

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Thanks to Our Youth Camp Sponsors!

The Miles for Migraine Youth Camp was made possible by generous grants from Supernus Pharmaceuticals and with the support of Dr. Amy Gelfand from UCSF Headache Center and Dr. Christina Szperka from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.