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Heidi Brehm

Volunteer Spotlight on Heidi Brehm

How did you get involved with Miles for Migraine?

Heidi BrehmAfter watching an interview with Miles for Migraine founder, Eileen Jones, I attended a planning meeting for an upcoming local race, but spiking migraine symptoms restricted my ability to further volunteer and I was unable to attend the race that year. Since then, I have enjoyed participating in virtual and in-person Education Days, Run/Walk/Relax events, the Mindfulness Series, and my local Migraine Community Group.

I’ve had to adjust my volunteer efforts so that they meet the reality of my symptoms. I’m glad that I was able to cheer on runners and help them stay on course, put up Miles for Migraine flyers in my community, write an article for their blog, and give a speech about the importance of advocacy. I hope that in the future I will be able to volunteer in larger ways, but I feel like all of my efforts have been appreciated by the Miles for Migraine community. For me, the most important thing is that I show up and join with others to give and receive support, to raise public awareness about this disease, and to help to find a cure.

How did it help you with your migraine journey?

Volunteering with Miles for Migraine has empowered me by connecting me to a positive force that is stronger than my struggles with migraine. It has allowed me to form deeper relationships with members of the migraine community and given me hope about what we will achieve together.

Fun Fact:

I love dressing up in costumes on Miles for Migraine race days.


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