Volunteer Spotlight on Diane Fox

Diane FoxHow did you get involved with Miles for Migraine?

I saw the flyer for the Philadelphia Miles for Migraine race on the desk of my headache specialist. I was so excited that something like this existed for migraine disease. I went by myself to the race. It was a thrill to meet and talk to others on the walk. Those who had migraine disease, or had friends and relatives with the disease. I thought it was terrific to see most of the headache center staff there. I knew I wanted to be involved in this incredible organization. I registered for the pilot Support Group at Jefferson which was terrific. I’m not even sure how I ended up volunteering for the Philly education day, but that was really the start of my volunteer work with Miles for Migraine. It took off from there to attend the Migraine Community Group training and become a facilitator for Miles for Migraine support groups.  

How did it help you with your migraine journey?

I feel like I am not alone with this disease anymore. I never knew anyone that had migraine. Now I have an entire community that have not known me for very long but know more about my life than people that I have known for years. I love my weekly virtual Migraine Community Group. There is so much love and support between the members. I have been disabled for years and at times felt useless. Being a volunteer for Miles for Migraine has given my life meaning and purpose. I feel so much connection and support from the other Community Group facilitators and Miles for Migraine volunteers. 

Fun Fact:

I play the ukulele!


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