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Support Miles for Migraine

Virtual/ACT NOW Events

We would like to hold our live events in every city, but each event we hold requires significant funding from sponsors.

Currently there is a shortage of headache specialists - some states do not have any. Our model is to hold events in cities that participate in UCNS (United Council for Neurological Subspecialties) sponsored fellowship programs. In an effort to alleviate the specialist shortage, we raise funds to help fellowship programs conduct research. Research is a vital part of every doctor’s training program.

We need your help! You can design your own awareness or fundraising event in your town whether we are holding an event there or not. Check out the options below to see how YOU can get involved.

Which Event is Right for Me?

Virtual Events

You are looking to participate in a Walk or Run, to raise awareness or fundraise for migraine, but we are not hosting one of our Walk, Run or Just Relax events near you.

You can choose to join an existing event happening in your area, organize a small walk/run, or just commit to going for a walk or run on your own time.

Reference Resources for designing your own event

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ACT NOW Events

Walking or Running is not the right option for you at this time. Instead, you would prefer to design your own awareness or fundraising event in your town.

We have developed the ACT NOW! (Advocacy Connection Team) program, and we want you to join our team.

The goal is to increase awareness and show the public you’re an advocate who cares about:

  • Increasing funding for research
  • Busting stigma to boost awareness
  • Advocacy and Education for a Migraine Free Nation
  • Having fun

This program is designed to offer you flexibility – you choose the day, the event, and the level of effort you can afford.

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