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Support Miles for Migraine

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
– Albert Einstein

In light of the current COVID situation we are making lemonade from the lemons. We have redesigned our Education Days to be online, free and shorter in length while still delivering up to the moment information on migraine and other headache diseases. We believe that while in-person presentations are the best way to help you CARE: Connect, Advocate, Relax, Educate – we can still serve the community virtually with a multitude of good information to help you navigate your migraine journey.

Our usual Education Day is delivered through lectures and experiential sessions. Our new format will still include both when possible. We will vary the sessions topics so you can visit as many events as you are able. Some of the topics we will deliver can be seen here, and a number of topics may be viewed as presented (those highlighted):


Experiential Sessions:

Join us for as many events as you are able. Each event will feature different content.

Registration is free but still required.

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