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The Phases of a Migraine Attack – Breaking it Down

phases of migraine attack

Living with migraine disease is hard! Some days, you feel normal, but on other days, you can feel down or different without knowing why, and then suddenly, you’re being caught off-guard by a migraine attack. Those who live with migraine often hear things like “It’s just a headache,” or “Why don’t you take some medicine…

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Mothering with Migraine by Jennifer Evan

Mothering with migraine

Mothering with migraine is complicated. Migraine is ubiquitous, affecting over 1 billion people in the world, with a lifetime prevalence upwards of 20-30%. It affects females 2 to 3 times more often than males.1 Given that roughly half of the world’s population is female, this is a staggering number of women disproportionately affected by this…

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How Does Migraine Affect the Black Community Differently? 

Close up of black hands clasped together

Racial Disparities in Migraine Care: How it Affects the Black Community written by Courtney White, MD Neurologist/Headache Specialist, Jefferson Hospital “I’ve had headaches since I was in middle school. I just thought all young girls get them.” I often remember my patient saying this to me when I diagnosed her with chronic migraine. A disease…

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