Bingo & Lingo!

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    Sunday, February 27, 2022
    4:00 pm EST

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Miles for Migraine strongly believes that self-care must be part of every treatment plan and that means including a bit of fun! Our Social Events Series is intended to do just that!

Join us to play a game or two of Bingo and chit chat. Simply put, a bit of fun being together.

Prizes to game winners!

We will send you everything you need to play, virtually speaking! Presented by Lisa Benson & Laura Laureta

Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson writes to raise awareness about migraine. She cares about awareness since she was undiagnosed for over twenty years, which allowed her migraines to worsen over time. Finally diagnosed in 2011 and living with chronic migraine, she worked hard to educate herself and navigate the medical world to find effective treatment for her condition, though this is ever changing. She has written over 100 articles on, presented at Retreat Migraine 2020, and volunteers for Headache on the Hill and Miles for Migraine.

Laura Laureta

Laura Laureta

Laura is a Colorado Native who enjoys drinking good coffee, watching sports, and spending time with her Italian family.

Laura is an advocate in the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Migraine, and Headache Health community.  She works closely with the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado and is a volunteer with Miles for Migraine.  She will also be representing Colorado at this year’s Headache on the Hill.  Laura was the recipient of the Colorado Mindsource Grant for her programing in the Traumatic Brain Injury field.

Laura has created the website Lit-Up My Mind.  Lit-Up My Mind is inspired by the thought that there is always light and hope. She believes that looking for advice, educational resources, and guidance while experiencing headaches and pain can be a despairing experience.  It’s her hope that consolidating the best resources on the topics that she’s found valuable over her past ten years of healing will be beneficial for all.

Laura facilitates Brain Busters! a Virtual Game and Social Group for Survivors of TBI and those living with Migraine and Headache Disease three times a month.

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She has a “Little Lending Library” celebrating that she has overcome many learning difficulties, to become a voracious reader who now reviews advanced copies of books for many New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Authors.

When she isn’t helping others, Laura enjoys spending time with her dog, Bella, and laughing with her friends.