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Support Miles for Migraine

San Francisco Educational Day 2019

February 2rd, 2019

  • Time

    Saturday, February 23, 2019
    9:30 am

  • Location

    Lankenau Medical Center
    100 East Lancaster Avenue Wynnewood, PA 19096

  • Keynotes

    • Kathryn Foxhall - Why is There No Cure for Migraine? An Historical Perspective

  • Presenters

    • Shirley Kessel - Welcome
    • William Young - Update on Treatments: In this presentation you will learn about all the current medical treatments on the market and what is in the pipeline. Your questions will be answered from our panel in the afternoon. 
    • Caryn Seebach - Coping with Headache & Migraine: From Surviving to Thriving

  • Breakouts

    • Lisa Goldstein - Breakout Session - Dialogue
    • Robin Bodette - Breakout session - Dialogue
    • Ana Recober, MD - Breakout session - "Navigating Migraine in High School and College - a Presentation for Students and Healthcare Professionals"
    • Colleen Mackey - Art Therapy
    • Bonnie Butler - Tai Chi

Keynotes, presenters and breakout sessions

Kathryn Foxhall

Katherine Foxhall, Ph. D.

Social and medical historian Katherine Foxhall earned her PhD from the University of Warwick, UK. She has published and lectured on a wide range of topics in medical history, and is the author of Migraine: A History, to be published in Spring 2019 by Johns Hopkins University Press.

In this talk, historian Katherine Foxhall reveals how ordinary people and medical professionals have described, explained, and treated migraine for over a thousand years. Foxhall argues that our current knowledge of migraine is founded on a centuries-long social, cultural, and medical history that continues to profoundly shape our knowledge and attitudes towards the disease, the people who have migraine, our treatment of pain.

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