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Philadelphia Education Day 2020

Saturday, June 6, 2020

  • Time

    11:00 am - 2:00 pm EST

This is a Virtual Event. Registration is free but required

  • Presenters

    • William Young, MD, President, & Jill Dehlin - Strategies for Advocacy & Reducing Stigma
    • Deborah TurkWhy Should Advocacy be Part of YOUR Treatment Plan? 

  • Breakout Facilitators

    • Katie Moran - Group Discussion Facilitator
    • Kelly Amspacher - Group Discussion Facilitator
    • Diane Fox - Group Discussion Facilitator
    • Deborah Turk - Group Discussion Facilitator
    • Alisha Amendt, CRNPHandheld Medical Devices for Migraine Relief

Keynotes, Presenters, Breakout Sessions and Virtual Exhibit Hall


William Young, MD, President

Dr. Young is a neurologist at the Jefferson Headache Center. He received his medical degree from Penn State College of Medicine and has been in practice for 30 years. The Jefferson Headache Center is one of a very few academic headache centers in the country. The Center, founded in 1982, specializes in the treatment of patients with all types of headache pain. Dr. Young is the President of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy. Click for Detailed information pertaining to Dr. Young’s extensive research profile. Click for detailed information pertaining to Dr. Young’s extensive research profile, including research pertaining to migraine and stigma.

Jill Dehlin

Jill Dehlin

Jill Dehlin started her professional career as registered nurse in 1975.  One of the most gratifying parts of her job were patient education and advocating for people who were hospitalized. She became a health teacher at the age of 40 to help prevent the kinds of diseases she was seeing in adults as an office nurse.
Her migraine disease manifested itself in 1987 at the age of 32. In 2006, Jill was completing a PhD in educational psychology when her migraine attacks became a daily occurrence. After having a negative experience with a headache specialist who was not listening to her, she decided it was time to advocate for herself.  She requested hospitalization or referral to a different practice. She was hospitalized in 2010 and started on a more helpful course of treatment. She got about 30% better after her hospitalization, and decided that she was well enough to learn more about migraine disease.
In 2011, she attended her very first American Headache Society meeting in Scottsdale and learned about current research on migraine and about migraine and other headache disorders.  She became involved in patient advocacy at the national level. Jill was chair of the American Headache and Migraine Association, and is currently a member of the Migraine Warrior Advocacy Board. She is also on the boards of the National Headache Foundation (NHF), the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA), and the Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP). She is chair of the NHF’s Patient Leadership Council, and plays an integral role in the planning and execution of Headache on the Hill with AHDA.
Migraine disease is a daily part of life for 40 million people in the United States. Jill Dehlin is involved with the Migraine Warrior Advocacy Board to help people understand that there is hope on the horizon for people with headache and migraine diseases.   Her educational efforts and advocacy never stop because migraine and other headache disorders don’t either.
Deb Turk

Deborah Turk

Deborah is an advocate living with Intractable Chronic Migraine. Always drawn to wanting to help, Deborah has held employment in the fields of non-profit Human Services and Behavioral Health. Due to increasing debilitation from Migraine disease, after medical leaves and continual decreases in her working hours, Deborah was forced to leave a career that she loved, working with patients with dual diagnoses related to Substance Abuse Disorder and  mental health. Deborah began her journey with Miles For Migraine at the first Philadelphia race. Shortly thereafter, observing the hesitancy of those living with Migraine to speak openly about their disease, Deborah started a public Facebook page, Her Migraine Life, on which she openly shares about her experiences related to Migraine. She is passionate about education, self-advocacy, and especially, countering Migraine stigma. Deborah is a Philadelphia native.

Katie Moran

Katie Moran

In November of 2006, Katie  was a Regional Marketing Director, with a prominent assisted living company that focuses on Dementia and Alzheimer's.  She was blindly hit with the diagnosis of a rare cancer in her sinuses and right eye. Gratefully, she is cancer-free. What remains from this cancer is chronic migraine.   She has been fighting chronic migraine thirteen years. Katie joined the Miles for Migraine team in January of 2019, assisting with many aspects of their events. In addition,  Katie works with the bringing volunteers on board to raise awareness for Migraine and Headache Disease. She also manages the Miles for Migraine Community Support Groups in efforts to engage and offer support to those with Migraine and their caregivers across the country. Working with Miles for Migraine has helped Katie regain her confidence utilizing her skill set to advocate for a cause that is dear to her.  Katie attended Headache on the Hill this year, and was inspired by the work being done in Washington, DC. to advance funding and research on behalf of those with Migraine and Headache Disease.

Kelly Amspacher

Kelly Amspacher

Kelly is a seasoned Clinical Nurse Specialist of 35 years.  As a CNS, Kelly was deeply involved and dedicated to patient, family and medical community education.  She also spent a great deal of time being an advocate on a national level for patient rights, program funding and patient/family empowerment and education.

Kelly has been published, writing both clinical articles and chapters for textbooks.  She served as a member of a National Commission and participated in the publication of the report and its presentation to Congress.  As part of her CNS and advocacy roles Kelly spoke on the National and local level on a variety of topics.

Kelly’s migraine story began in childhood and progressed throughout her life until finally being diagnosed after 33 years.  Her migraines transitioned to intractable chronic daily migraine 22 years ago; where her migraine status remains to this day.

Kelly is involved in several migraine and chronic pain organizations and is a Community Group Facilitator for Miles for Migraine. Kelly is passionate and committed to making the “invisible”… “visible”. Kelly has one child, a daughter, who also has migraine.

Diane Fox

Diane Fox

Diane is a lifelong Philadelphian, graduating from Hahnemann University before spending 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. During her career, Diane facilitated research in drug discovery with a focus on pain relief. She has suffered with chronic migraine for 20 years which ultimately forced her to leave a career that she loved. Diane joined Miles for Migraine in 2019, volunteering as a facilitator for the Migraine Community Group at Jefferson Headache Center. Working with Miles for Migraine has allowed Diane to pursue her passion of engaging with and helping others, as she focuses on spreading migraine awareness, sharing her personal story, and supporting others through their migraine journey.

Alishia Amendt

Alisha Amendt, CRNP

Alisha has been a nurse practitioner since 2006 and has over 20 years of neuroscience nursing experience. She has over 6 years of experience in the treatment of headache and facial pain. As of March 2020, Alicia was thrilled to join Dr. Ana Recober at Main Line Health Neurology at Lankenau in their headache program. Her passion is patient education, and she looks forward to participating in the patient education day.

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