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Magtein® was built on more than a decade of research by inventor Dr. Liu, a former MIT professor. Magtein® is a revolutionary magnesium product that crosses the blood-brain barrier and supports improved cognitive functions. Magnesium is a second line treatment of Migraine. MagteinPro® provides the most bioavailable magnesium which has the lowest GI side effect. Be sure to visit our website and take a look:

Everyone’s experience with migraine is unique and different. And, for each person, it’s often a matter of trial-and-error to find just the right medication to treat it. If you get migraines, you might spend weeks, months, even years of ongoing pain ─ and an average of $4,000 on doctor visits ─ seeking a treatment that actually works.

Why such a tedious process? Because, while over 25 medications are regularly prescribed for migraines, many of them may not work for you. The reason? Genetics! As many as half of these drugs may be incompatible with your DNA ─ and, besides being ineffective for you, they might even cause negative side effects.

At Mable, we’ve found that a powerful, innovative way to treat migraine is through individualized, DNA-guided care. We use an individual’s DNA to customize a preventive and acute plan for them, then deliver appropriate medication straight to their door, with ongoing expert care in the comfort of their home. This service is available in 41 states, with more to come.

gammaCore is the first and only FDA-cleared non-invasive device to treat and prevent multiple types of headache pain via the vagus nerve. It’s small, handheld and portable for quick and easy treatments whenever and wherever needed.

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