Our Research

At Miles for Migraine, our commitment to enhancing the lives of those affected by migraine goes beyond providing support and awareness. We understand the importance of continually advancing our programs to make a meaningful impact. Through our internal research efforts, we constantly explore new avenues and leverage solutions for migraine management and advocacy. Our dedicated research team collaborates with experts in the field to delve into areas such as personalized treatment options, patient support systems, and advocacy implementation. Our ongoing research ensures that we stay at the forefront of patient and caregiver support, enabling us to provide our community with the most effective and impactful solutions for migraine management.

Unwinding Anxiety for Migraine: A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial of a Mindfulness Intervention for People with Migraine and Anxiety

Annie Kate Reeder, M.A., Toby Dresdner, B.A. Robin Boudette, Ph.D., Shirley Kessel, Bonnie Butler, R.N., Rebecca E. Wells, M.D. , Elizabeth K. Seng, Ph.D.

Improving the Patient Experience with Migraine Camp, a one-day group intervention for adolescents with chronic headache and their parents

Amanda L. Hall, APRN, Dina Karvounides, PsyD, Amy A. Gelfand, MD, Haley Mankin, BA, Shirley Kessel, Janet Corroo, RN,BSN, Carrie P. Malavolta, MSN, MBE, CRNP, CPNP-AC, Tara Pezzuto, DNP6, Madeline Chadehumbe, MD, Christina L. Szperka, MD, MSCE

Migraine Education Day Assessment– Final Report

Anastasia Hudgins, PhD, for Ethnologica, LLC

Advocacy Connection Team (ACT)-Now Educational Program for Headache Fellows and Patients/Caregivers: Assessment of Educational Objectives

Courtney S. Seebadri-White, MD, William B. Young, MD, Karissa N. Arca, MD