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Support Miles for Migraine

Navigating Relationships with Migraine & Routine Health Behaviors & Migraine

NYU Langone Health

New York, New York

  • Date/Time

    Saturday, October 9, 2021
    11:00 am - 12:45 pm EST

This is a Virtual Event. Registration is free but required

In light of the current COVID guidelines and restrictions, we have redesigned our Education Days to be online, free and shorter in length while still delivering up to the moment information and valuable education on migraine and other headache diseases.

Our usual Education Day is delivered through lectures and experiential sessions. Our new format will include both, when possible. We vary the sessions topics so you can attend those that are of interest to you. Topics will cover coping strategies, advocacy, reducing stigma, research, and medical advancements. All presenters will field your questions. Join us for as many events as you are able. Each event will feature different content.


Cynthia Armand, MD

Navigating Relationships with Migraine

Living and thriving with migraine disease not only involves navigating life personally, but also through interactions with others. Dr. Armand will discuss how to navigate relationships with migraine with special attention on how to lessen inner guilt and utilize certain relationships to create a supportive environment.

Elizabeth Seng, Ph.D

Routine Health Behaviors & Migraine

New research is changing our understanding of how health behaviors are associated with migraine. Dr. Seng will dispel common myths about migraine and empower attendees to combat migraine stigma and harness their daily routine to reduce migraine burden.

Roch Eberhart

Patient Warrior: My Journey with Migraine.

Cynthia Armand

Cynthia Armand, MD

Dr. Cynthia Armand, is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/ Montefiore Medical Center, and the Fellowship Director at the Montefiore Headache Center.

She earned her B.A. in Neuroscience & Behavior from Wesleyan University and M.D. from the University of Connecticut. She completed neurology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/ Montefiore Medical Center and continued as a headache fellow at the Montefiore Headache Center.

Dr. Armand is currently a member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), American Headache Society (AHS), and is on the founding board of the Society of Haitian Neuroscientists and currently serves as their vice president.

She is the current web editor at JAMA Neurology and the host of the JAMA Neurology Author Interviews podcast. Her work with AHS includes that of past chair of the Underserved Populations in Headache special interest section, serving on the Society's membership, guidelines and electronic media committees, as well as active involvement in the Headache Resident Education Program's curriculum development. She is the co-chair of the AHS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce.

She was a recipient of the 2016 Frontiers in Headache Research Scholarship for her work on migraine special senses reported on social media and was named an Emerging Leader in Headache Medicine by the AHS in 2018. She is a recent graduate of the AAN's Diversity Leadership Program class of 2020.

Dr. Armand is an avid lover of neurology and health news with a strong interest in patient education, diversity and equity in healthcare & headache disorders, as well as social media as a valuable means of patient empowerment and knowledge.

Elizabeth Seng

Elizabeth Seng, Ph.D

Dr. Elizabeth Seng is a clinical psychologist at the Montefiore Headache Center and Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology, Health Emphasis PhD Program at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University and a Research Associate Professor of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She began working with migraine during her doctoral training with Ken Holroyd and was drawn to the resilience people with migraine show in the face of an unpredictable and disabling disease. Her work focuses on how behavior change strategies can augment medical treatment of migraine through in-person, remote, and mobile health delivery modalities. She is particularly interested in sleep, stress, mindfulness, and medication adherence.

Roch Eberhart

Roch Eberhart

Roch is a transgender artist, writer, and halloween enthusiast. He has worked as a clerk in the emergency room since 2018, and has somehow only gotten sick from it once. He lives in the Bronx with his family and two dogs.

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