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Movement Matters

Mind, Body, and Advocacy

About Movement Matters.

Movement Matters is the Miles for Migraine theme for 2021! We chose this theme as it is a phrase with multiple meanings.


We want to focus on the mind and the impact that it has on our health. Many people living with migraine also live with comorbidities such as anxiety and depression. Having a focus on our mental health, by seeing a psychologist, or other mental health practitioner is a best practice to move towards mental wellness. Practices like mindfulness and meditation are other forms of self-care movement for mental wellness.


This is probably the first thing you thought of when you heard the phrase Movement Matters: “Oh, you just want me to run!” We've heard from many of you over the years that exercise is not compatible with your migraine or headache attacks. We want to bring awareness to movement options beyond high impact, high intensity sports like running. There are options to move your body more gently with walking, yoga/stretching, tai chi or swimming for example. Practicing gentle movement has so many great benefits for our mind, body and soul.


Miles for Migraine is an advocacy Movement. We want you to join our Movement by participating in events with us and growing more comfortable with sharing your personal stories and the impact migraine and headache disease have on you and your loved ones. The most successful advocacy movements are those that have the patient voice behind them and your voice is critical to our success. The only way we will find a cure if through advocacy.

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