Miles for Migraine Volunteer Appreciation

volunteer appreciation

It is Migraine and Headache Disorder Awareness Month. Although it’s June, we have volunteers that work year-round to make it a better migraine world. We’d like to introduce you to and show some extra appreciation to some of our most active volunteers. Without volunteers, non-profit organizations can not function. Volunteering for Miles for Migraine comes in all different forms and they all are important. There are many different ways to volunteer for the organization, and these ladies have stepped up in a BIG way!

Warrior Board

Many of our volunteers have begun on the warrior board. The warrior board meets monthly to discuss topics and projects that Miles for Migraine is working on to continue bringing the community programming which fosters reduced stigma and isolation. It empowers everyone to understand why advocacy is a vital facet in the treatment of migraine and headache disorders.

Volunteer Appreciation

Kelly Amspacher

Kelly leads/co-facilitates the Tuesday and Wednesday support groups. She is the co-chair of our communications team and on our donor relations team. Kelly is on our Warrior Advisory Board among a few of our other dedicated volunteers. She has completed the ACT NOW advocacy program and provided her advocacy story. After completing the program, Kelly stepped up to be the President of the Philadelphia Migraine Meet Up and you will see her at the Philadelphia walk/run/relax event this fall.

Virtually, you will also see her leading Mindfulness Thursdays a few times a quarter and see her face at most of our virtual events. Kelly is always willing to help with anything we need in-person or online and we are so appreciative of her!

Diane Fox 

Diane co-facilitates the Wednesday support groups. She is the co-chair of our communications team and on our Warrior Advisory Board. Diane is also the President of Philadelphia Migraine Meet Up which launched this year. You will also see her at the Philadelphia walk/run/relax event this fall. She has completed the ACT NOW advocacy program, helps lead Mindfulness Thursdays, and has been a spotlight volunteer. Diane is always willing to help when needed and brings a passion to volunteering that is unmatched!

Deborah Turk

Deb is a super volunteer for many reasons. She co-facilitates the Monday support group, is on the Warrior Advisory Board and has completed the ACT Now advocacy program. Deb goes out of her way to do a lot of extra things for Miles for Migraine like facilitating booths to spread the word about migraine awareness and the organization. You’ll also see her at the Philly walk/run relax event. She has given her advocacy story and is a leader in getting the Black community involved. Whether it be in person or virtually, Deb always comes with knowledge and strength with her advocacy. She is a much-appreciated voice in our organization!

Patty Haughton

Patty Is on our editing and our publicity teams. She has led some of our Run/Walk/Relax events along with leading an education day, and a Mindfulness event while completing our ACT NOW Program advocacy training program. Patty is actively working on the Migraine at School program in Delaware/Maryland area and is always volunteering for us when we need it!

Jenn Heater

Jenn is the chair of the events team. She is involved in the planning of many of our events and is part of the Warrior Advisory Board. Her volunteering has helped to lead and organize our events from the front end to the backend. Her social promotions make us smile and she’s always there with fresh ideas and a willingness to help. In person, you may see Jenn at the San Francisco walk/run/relax event. Jenn’s advocacy story talks about how she wears her Miles for Migraine tshirt to start conversations and makes advocacy part of her everyday life. 

Deena Migliazzo 

Deena is on our events team. She has become a super volunteer for this team and has gone above and beyond. Deena has completed the ACT Now advocacy training program. She hosted a fun virtual Garden Party and does a lot by leading our events and creating new content. Check out her Giving Tuesday campaign.

Deena is a great example of how you can volunteer from anywhere. She does not live close to a walk/run/relax city yet she participates virtually in a variety of ways pushing her advocacy nationwide. Deena proves that volunteering can be done anywhere! 

Deena thinks Miles for Migraine is a phenomenal source to learn about migraine disease and surround yourself with migraine warriors. By attending her support group, she has learned more about her disease than she has from doctors or research. Surrounding herself with individuals who are going through a similar struggle has been an incredible gift. With Miles for Migraine, she learned about different treatment plans, simple tricks and tips, and most importantly, had an unconditional amount of support and encouragement to get her through the bad days or weeks.

How being a Volunteer Helps

“Being a volunteer through Miles for Migraine has given me a community of migraine warriors and acceptance for my disease. It has also given me the courage to advocate and raise awareness for a disease that is stigmatized and underrepresented in the medical, professional, and educational systems. Miles for Migraine makes me feel accepted in a world that very little understand the toll migraine disease has on a person, family, and friends.”

“Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose. Too often, it is easy to get trapped in the migraine pain and everything that is going wrong, especially when you live with daily migraine. On my worst pain days, advocating or attending my support group are the only things that get me through the days.”

Lisa Benson 

Lisa is on our events and editing team and has completed the ACT Now advocacy training program. She has become a super Miles for Migraine promoter while hosting a virtual event at her art space called “Unlock your Inner Artist” and a social Bingo event. She is the president of the Boston Migraine Meet Up and the leading force behind the Dear Migraine project. Lisa is always willing to volunteer and comes up with new ways to make Miles for Migraine an even better place.

When asked how Lisa feels about volunteering her answer was “fulfilled.” “I’ve grown in my confidence leading a class or workshop and organizing a creative project. It’s a fun, understanding, and friendly community. If you are thinking of helping out somehow, don’t be intimidated, come join us!”

Michele and Wesley Kuykendall

Both Michele and her son have migraine. They were looking for a way to help and found Miles for Migraine when they joined the editing team. “I’m so happy to have found a group where we can serve that is directly related to something we know and understand.” Michele and Wesley are super reliable, willing to do whatever and get the job done! Having a mother-son duo as volunteers is an example of how migraine affects generations of people and how volunteering can strengthen the familial bond.


Thank you to ALL of our volunteers. This is just a small list of the MANY hard-working people we have at Miles for Migraine. Without volunteers, we would not be able to provide all the migraine awareness and advocacy opportunities that we have. To all our volunteers, you all are valued and appreciated. Each action counts and we thank you for being a part of our mission!

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