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Miles for Migraine Cincinnati 2019

The second annual Miles for Migraine run/walk/relax event concluded on June 8, 2019.  It was a huge success, doubling in participants from last year.  Cincinnati raised $4,463.70. 

The day began a bit cloudy but the rain mostly held off while the participants and volunteers made it shine!    Awards were granted to:

  • Largest Team: My Migraine Life (17)
  • Spirit Award: Scarlet Marshall
  • Largest Fundraiser: Jessica Johnson Jones $804

Prior to the race, introductions and speeches were given by Katie MacDonald from Miles for Migraine.  Provider perspectives were given by Vince Martin (UCHealth) and Emily Riddle (CCHMC). A patient warrior perspective was given by Sarah Rathsack (My Migraine Life)

The walk/run/relax race began after the national anthem.  The path was flat and everyone went at their own pace.  Some raced to the front while others enjoyed a stroll and some enjoyed quiet time back at the tents coloring.

Congrats to the top finishers:


129Diana FiltzF20-2942:08.526:46
216Francesca GottardiF20-2948:25.187:47
325Karen HeslopF30-3949:26.727:57


121Payne BallM20-2940:44.546:33
218Jens LundyM40-4942:43.576:52
31David CoutantM40-4945:51.207:22

It was an amazing day of spirit, strength and support.  Continue to follow along as Miles for Migraine continues to improve the world of migraine across the U.S. #MilesforMigraine

Thank you to our sponsors:

Amgen, Novartis, Lilly, Teva, Allergan Mind, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Supernus Pharmaceuticals

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