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Migraine & Other Headache Disorder Meet Up

About the Meet Up

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with migraine or another headache disorder, you likely experience not only disability but also isolation. We are excited to expand our programming and continue our mission to create a community for all who are affected by migraine and headache disorders.

We are excited to introduce a new program called Meet Up which will foster support, education and social events for the patient/caregiver community. The structure of the education events is designed to be an adjunct to our Migraine Education Day. Meet Up events are education with a twist! They will be relatively brief (1-2 hours) with a guest speaker and include time to mix and mingle with fellow warriors.

Our hope is that you will not only learn something new but also experience a mutual exchange of information amongst attendees. Engaging in a like-minded community is a powerful experience that often induces lasting change, which is an important step to eliminate stigma. Take advantage of what a like-minded community has to offer to help you along your journey.

Program space will be limited to 10-20 people.

Social events offered will be just that: social! We believe strongly that fun should be a part of every treatment plan.

Stay Connected

Join us in person (or virtually) in one of these cities, or join virtually if we are not currently in your city.

Join Us!

We need volunteers to help with one or several of these tasks:

  • Post flyers in the community or online.
  • Work with others to identify meeting locations.
  • Keep people energized and engaged at meetings.
  • Attend quarterly Miles for Migraine meetings with co-presidents to connect and collaborate.

Boston Craft & Chat

Come and hang out, bring your own craft or coloring, or just chat! This is another opportunity to get to know each other in the Boston area. If you’re not up to looking at a screen, you’re still welcome to listen in and join by audio only!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
7:00PM - 8:00 PM EST. | Virtual

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