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Support Miles for Migraine

Map the Migraine

This event is paused during Covid-19

An alternative option to Walk, Run or Just Relax events in your area.

Not interested in walking or running? Are you a walker or runner but need a place to leave your child while you’re out on the course? Sign up for a Treasure Hunt - Map the Migraine. This event is for – kids, grown-ups, and families:

  • Kids can stay for the treasure hunt and meet up with you after you walk/run
  • This event will take place simultaneously when the walk/run takes off
  • Families can join together for free fun if they don’t want to walk/run
  • Grown-ups can join the treasure hunt without kids too– there are clues for both kids and adults

Great event for kids and adults to search for clues about migraine by “Mapping the Migraine” (searching for areas of the body affected by migraine) AND to have fun!  If you are looking for a way to participate in Miles for Migraine but don't want to walk or run, this may be a great option for you!

The body parts we discuss include:  EYES, EARS, NOSE, STOMACH, NECK, SCALP, and of course BRAIN.

Appropriate for all age levels. Kids 8 and below need an adult present. All kids will receive prizes during the event!

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