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Support Miles for Migraine

What is the Gut-Brain Connection and How Does it Affect Migraine & Other Headache Disorders
Renowned Artist, Ed Fairburn: Bringing to Life the Complexities of Migraine with Vintage Maps

  • Date & Time

    Saturday, July 24, 2021
    11:00 AM -1:15 PM ET

This Event Has Passed

In light of the current COVID guidelines and restrictions, we have redesigned our Education Days to be online, free and shorter in length while still delivering up to the moment information and valuable education on migraine and other headache diseases.

Our usual Education Day is delivered through lectures and experiential sessions. Our new format will include both, when possible. We vary the sessions topics so you can attend those that are of interest to you. Topics will cover coping strategies, advocacy, reducing stigma, research, and medical advancements. All presenters will field your questions. Join us for as many events as you are able. Each event will feature different content.


Adam Sprouse Blum, MD and Linda Nguyen, MD - What is the Gut-Brain Connection and How Does It Affect Migraine & Other Headache Diseases?

Ed Fairburn - The Complexities of Migraine with Vintage Maps

Jen Waters - Experiential Art Therapy

Adam Sprouse Blum, MD

Adam Sprouse Blum, MD

Dr. Sprouse Blum is an Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences at the University of Vermont and co-chair of the American Headache Society First Contact – Headache in Primary Care Program. He is board certified in family medicine and UCNS certified in headache medicine. His current research interests include migraine and the intestinal microbiome and neuroimaging in subjects with unilateral migraine attacks.
Linda Nguyen, MD

Linda Nguyen, MD

Dr. Linda Nguyen is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and Clinic Chief in the Digestive Health Center. Dr. Nguyen completed medical school at UCLA School of Medicine and GI fellowship training at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, CA.

Her clinical and research interests include GI motility disorders and disorders of gut brain interaction, with an emphasis on gastroparesis, functional dyspepsia and chronic abdominal pain. She was a member of the NIH/NIDDK Gastroparesis Clinical Research Consortium from 2007-2016. Her current research includes identifying biomarkers to better diagnose motility disorders, understanding the role/impact of physiologic testing on clinical care, exploring novel therapies for gastroparesis and expanding the role of neuromodulation in the treatment of GI motility disorders and pain. She is also passionate about quality of life, professional development and physician wellness.


Ed Fairburn

Ed Fairburn, Artist

Ed Fairburn is an English artist, based in Dorset, UK, known for his evocative portraits, which produce complex human features from the apparently random patterns found in mundane topographical maps. Ed manipulates paper maps to construct other forms through a process he calls topopointillism; a direct combination of topography and pointillism.

Ed brings his personal experience with migraine to Reroute Migraine Relief, an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the complexities of migraine, including the seldom discussed connection between the brain and gut. The maps Ed uses as the basis of his work reveal the complex inner workings of cities and their twisting, turning roads. For many, that’s what life with migraine entails – trying to navigate various symptoms and treatment options, to determine the right path forward.

Jennifer Waters

Jen Waters, MA, ATR, LPCC

Jen is a Registered Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (CA), and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MA). Jen received her M.A. in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University and has had over 10 years of professional experience providing arts-based interventions in community mental health settings. She works with clients on issues related to life transitions, healing after trauma and loss, overcoming depression, low self-esteem and anxiety, stress management, and self-care through mindfulness. Jen is a Ph.D. candidate at Saybrook University, where she is specializing in Creativity Studies and also operates a private practice in Modesto, CA. https://www.creativespacecounseling.com/

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