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All donations made to Miles for Migraine are donated directly to the headache fellowship program in the city that our event is being held in. We want to encourage more providers to specialize in headache medicine, so we donate funds to these programs to support the fellows and support migraine and headache research at the local level.

To reward you for your fundraising or donation efforts, we offer you the option to earn the following special Miles for Migraine swag:

Prizes Awarded Based on Fundraising Level

Purple Socks Migraine

Raise $100

Earn a pair of Miles for Migraine socks

Purple Beanie

Raise $250

Earn a Miles for Migraine embroidered beanie

Purple Umbrella

Raise $500

Earn a compact purple Miles for Migraine umbrella


Raise $1000

Earn a Miles for Migraine Heather Microfleece Full-Zip Jacket

NOTE: Prize levels build. A person raising $250 would get a pair of socks and a beanie, etc.

Purplify With Us

Purplification is a fun way Miles for Migraine is turning themselves purple for fundraising, awareness, unity and FUN! Why purplify?

  • Use it as a fundraiser tool! Challenge your friends "If I raise xxx amount I will dye my hair purple!"
  • Create awareness for migraine and headache disorders
  • Start a conversation
  • Connect
  • Educate

Fundraising FAQ

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