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Support Miles for Migraine


All donations made to Miles for Migraine are donated directly to the headache fellowship program in the city that our event is being held in. We want to encourage more providers to specialize in headache medicine, so we donate funds to these programs to support the fellows and support migraine and headache research at the local level.

To reward you for your fundraising or donation efforts, we offer you the option to earn the following special Miles for Migraine swag:

Prizes Awarded Based on Fundraising Level


Raise $100

Earn a versatile BUFF + Brain Hat


Raise $250

Earn a Miles for Migraine cap


Raise $500

Earn a cozy Miles for Migraine Zip Front Hoodie Sweatshirt


Raise $1000

Earn a Miles for Migraine Wind Jacket

NOTE: Prize levels build. So a person raising $250 would get brain hat, Buff and baseball hat.

The Brain Hat Society

People with migraine, their caregivers, and their friends and family should be recognized for their heroic efforts. Stigma imposes a huge penalty in the everyday lives of patients with migraine. It increases social isolation and causes adverse consequences to self-esteem and mood. Stigmatized diseases get less research funding, and payers are less likely to pay for the treatment of stigmatized diseases.

In order to reverse the stigma of migraine we need to understand why it exists. By wearing your brain hat, you are doing several things: joining a community of like-minded people who want real change about the perception of migraine, and other headache diseases, while also showing the public that migraine is a severe, neurological disease.

In addition, you will show others that raising funds to alleviate a shortage of trained health care professionals who treat these diseases is necessary to help you and your fellow community members obtain better access to treatments.

Finally, you will have fun wearing this hat to our events! Each time you achieve a new fundraising or attendance goal, you will receive an iron-on patch to add to your brain hat. So, please join the club!

Fundraising FAQ

What can I do if I get a cash donation?

Just collect the cash from your donor and bring it with you to either packet pickup the day before the event or bring it to registration the day of the event. The person checking you in will add this to your fundraising page that time.

If the person giving you cash needs a receipt for their donation, we will need their email address from you.

What if someone wants to write a check?
No problem! Checks should be made out to Miles for Migraine. 
Bring the check with you to either packet pickup the day before the event or bring it to registration the day of the event. The person checking you in will add this to your fundraising page that time. 
If the person giving you the check needs a receipt for their donation, we will need their email address from you (or written on the check). 
Another option is to take a photo of the check and email katie@milesformigraine.org . You can then mail the check to Katie MacDonald, Miles for Migraine, 16 Cilley Hill Road, Jericho, VT 05465. This will allow us to add the donation to your fundraising page before the event. 
How come the money I raised on Facebook isn't showing up on my fundraising page?
When you post your Race Roster fundraising page link (e.g. https://raceroster.com/events/2019/20975/miles-for-migraine-burlington-2019/pledge/participant/57) to your facebook page, facebook prompts to ask if you want to create a facebook fundraiser too or add a donate button to your post. ("Add a donate button to your post to raise money for a nonprofit, and we'll take care of the donation processing with no fees. To raise money for a personal cause instead, create a personal fundraiser."). If you say "yes" to this and people click the button to donate through facebook, that is 100% ok. The thing to know though is that there is no communication between facebook and Race Roster. All the funds still get to us at Miles for Migraine but we need you to share your total raised with us in order for us to manually update your Race Roster fundraising page. 
Grab a screen shot of your facebook fundraiser a few days before the event or when your fundraiser ends - which ever comes first. Email that to katie@milesformigraine.org and she will update your fundraising page so you can collect your prizes on event day. 
Your screen shot may look like one of these two options:
How do I find the link to my personal fundraising page?

Refer to this handy help text from Race Roster. If you are still having any trouble, feel free to contact support at 855-969-5515 or email katie@milesformigraine.org

Can I buy one of your swag items?

We do not sell our Miles for Migraine swag at this time. We strongly believe that people need to fundraise to earn these items. You can make a donation in the amount required or set up a fundraiser to raise that money from your friends and family. It's a form of advocacy and a great way to get the word out about migraine and our organization too.

Can I buy one of your shirts?
We do not sell our shirts outright. There are two ways you can get yourself one though. 
1. Register for a Walk, Run or Just Relax in your area. Included in your registration fee is a shirt. 
2. Sign up for our Virtual Event - it can be anything you want, a walk, a bike ride, a yoga session, etc. Fundraise or donate $35 or more to your event and we will mail you a shirt. 
Is my registration fee a tax deductible donation?
Registration fees are not considered a donation. These fees help defray the costs of putting on the event, along with the support from our sponsors. 
100% of any donations you make or fundraising that you do is tax deductible and is donated to local migraine research. Miles for Migraine does not take any portion of the donations. 
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