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We welcome everyone, even if you are not feeling up for exercise. Consider signing up as an Advocate or a Volunteer instead. Advocates come to the event at no charge. Events are an opportunity to meet others who are dealing with migraine or cluster headache disease, visit our sponsor booths and take part in other engaging activities for the morning. Volunteers all receive a free shirt for their time. Find more information about volunteer roles, including our Thank You Team, by clicking on the Volunteer button to the right.

The Brain Hat Society

People with migraine, their caregivers, and their friends and family should be recognized for their heroic efforts. Stigma imposes a huge penalty in the everyday lives of patients with migraine. It increases social isolation and causes adverse consequences to self-esteem and mood. Stigmatized diseases get less research funding, and payers are less likely to pay for the treatment of stigmatized diseases.

In order to reverse the stigma of migraine we need to understand why it exists. By wearing your brain hat, you are doing several things: joining a community of like-minded people who want real change about the perception of migraine, and other headache diseases, while also showing the public that migraine is a severe, neurological disease.

In addition, you will show others that raising funds to alleviate a shortage of trained health care professionals who treat these diseases is necessary to help you and your fellow community members obtain better access to treatments.

Finally, you will have fun wearing this hat to our events! Each time you achieve a new fundraising or attendance goal, you will receive an iron-on patch to add to your brain hat. So, please join the club!

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Prizes Awarded Based on Fundraising Level

  • fundraise-wind-jacket

    Miles for Migraine Wind Jacket

    Rasie $1000

  • fundraise-hoodie

    Miles for Migraine Zip Front Hoodie Sweatshirt

    Rasie $500

  • fundraise-blanket

    Miles for Migraine blanket

    Rasie $300

  • fundraise-hat

    Miles for Migraine cap

    Rasie $200

  • fundraise-socks

    Miles for Migraine athletic socks

    Rasie $100

  • fundraise-brain-hat

    Become a member of Brain Hat Society

    Rasie $50