Pediatric Family Writers Workshop

  • Date & Time

    Thursday, October 12, 2023
    7:00 pm EST

This event has passed.

Join author Erika Sneath as she reads her book, "Adalene Plays Many Ways: Managing the ups and downs of doing life with someone experiencing chronic pain." Sneath wrote this book about managing the ups and downs of doing life with someone experiencing chronic pain. After she reads her book, Sneath will lead pediatric warriors in a creative writing workshop giving them all the opportunity to express themselves.
Writers Workshop October

Meet the Speaker

Erika Sneath

Erika Sneath

After years of ankle injuries, surgeries, appointments, and physical therapy, I've had to accept that chronic pain is a part of my story. Prior to this acceptance, I had done everything right --following the advice of medical practitioners, seeking additional advice and recommendations, completing my exercises at home and gaining strength in physical therapy, and advocating for myself in countless appointments.

Several years ago I heard from a couple of different specialists that my ankle is as good as it's going to get. While crushing to accept, it gave me freedom to finally look ahead, instead of trying to get back to the Erika I used to be.

Navigating a dynamic disability is filled with ups and downs. It's constant work to accept limitations, invite others into understanding, and take ongoing and active measures to rest. I wrote Adalene Plays Many Ways when I couldn't find a story out there that reflected some of my own experiences, and I wanted to invite my youngest friends (my niece and nephews) into understanding.