Pediatric Clinical Trials 101: What they are and how to participate

  • Date & Time

    September, 19, 2023
    7:00 pm EST

This event has passed.

Miles for Migraine in collaboration with U.S. Pain Foundation and Migraine at School will host this valuable session. Questions encouraged.

Are you looking for more treatments for your child with migraine or chronic pain? Do you understand pediatric clinical trials and how to participate? On September 19, Richard Towne, PharmD, a licensed pharmacist and doctor of pharmacy (PharmD), shares information on clinical trials for the pediatric pain population and kids with migraine.


Meet the Speaker


Dr. Richard Towne, PharmD

Dr. Richard Towne is a licensed pharmacist and doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduate from the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Before joining the Antidote team, he gained patient engagement experience in several settings, including primary care, managed care, hospital, and community pharmacy. He leads the annotation team at Antidote, which is responsible for structuring the inclusion/exclusion criteria of currently available trials on in order to maximize patient matching through Antidote Match. Dr. Towne also hosts the "Talk of the Towne" podcast, which centers on talking to representatives of different patient advocacy groups about the challenges facing clinical trials and how patients, sponsors, and other groups can help to address them"