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Support Miles for Migraine

Family Programs

Learn more about navigating your migraine journey as a family

Miles for Migraine hosts various live and virtual events for kids, teens, and parents to learn about migraine, coping strategies and build a community with others from across the country that experiences similar challenges.

Support Groups

Teen Talks

This weekly virtual group provides a safe, judgment-free space to discuss issues and challenges the migraine warrior faces.

Tuesdays:  5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST

Hosted by:  Kelli Sloan, LSW

Parent-to-Parent Support Group

Hosted by: Mary Lou Viola, Director of Youth Programs

This one-hour virtual group for the Parents of children and teens with migraine or other headache conditions will meet twice a month to discuss the ups and downs of their child's migraine journey in a safe, judgment-free space.

First and Third Wednesday of each Month
5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST

6-Week Parent Education and Support Series

Hosted by: Michelle Clementi, Ph.D., and Kelli Sloan, LSW

This 6-week virtual education and support series provides parents the tools to help navigate the uncertainties of a migraine diagnosis of a child and build a support system with other parents.

6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST

Pediatric Clinical Trials

More research is needed to help find safe and effective treatments for children and teens with migraine. These studies evaluate the effectiveness and safety of trial medications already approved for adults with migraine. If you are interested in having your child or teen participate in a trial, please check out the information below.

A Study in Children with Migraine


A pediatric migraine study is seeking particpants to help test a study drug for migraine in children.

To qualify for this study, your child must:

  • Be a male or female aged 6 to 11 years of age
  • Have migraine that have been diagnosed by a doctor for at least 6 months
  • Have a migraine at least 4 days per month for at least the past 3 months

Youth and Parent Education Events

In partnership with Children's Hospitals and other Healthcare Providers, Miles for Migraine will host virtual and live events to discuss topics and provide new perspectives to navigate your child’s migraine journey.

Navigating your Daily Migraine: Tips and Tools for kids and parents

This virtual education event is for parents and kids to help manage day-to-day activities while experiencing head pain. We encourage parents, migraine warriors, and siblings to attend.

Thursday, February 24, 2022
8:00 pm EST | Virtual

Past Teen Education Events

Youth Socials

We hope to return to hosting both online and in-person youth socials in 2022. Watch this space for future updates.

Migraine Websites for the Family

Headache Relief Guide

Headache Relief Guide

Help for teens and their families to gain better control of headaches, get appropriate medical care and limit the disability caused by headaches.



Like playing a sport or instrument, relaxation requires frequent practice to work well.

Headache & Arts

Headache & Arts

Increase your knowledge of migraine and concussion among high school students through a visual arts–based curriculum.

Migraine at School

Migraine at School

Migraine at School provides resources for the child, parent, and educator to improve the school experie

Migraine at School

Migraine Relief Devices

Finding FDA-approved treatment for children is hard. Thankfully there are devices available to treat adolescent migraine.

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