Patient Education Event Migraine, Headaches & Communities of Color

  • Date/Time

    August 8, 2023
    7:00 PM EST

This event has passed for 2023. We'll see you in 2024!

Join us for a conversation with renowned headache specialist, Dr. Larry Charleston, who treats these disorders, and several patient advocates diagnosed with migraine disease or headache disorder.

Learning about proper diagnosis and current treatment options for migraine disease or headache disorder can lead to appropriate treatment and an effective management plan.

African Americans, Hispanics, and People of Color are less likely to receive a thorough evaluation of symptoms involving migraine, affecting an individual’s understanding of how to manage the disease.

This is an interactive session, and questions are encouraged by those attending.

Anikah Salim

Anikah Salim

Anikah has had migraine since childhood but was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine with Aura in 2015 after experiencing a severe migraine for nearly a year. She was just starting her PhD in Epidemiology when her migraine attacks became daily episodes. Trying to manage her condition amidst full-time work and school, Anikah felt alone and as if no one understood the gravity of what she was suffering through. Learning more about her condition and connecting with others in the migraine community, Anikah felt the strong urge to join the movement and advocate for herself and others.

She joined her first Miles for Migraine Walk/Run in the fall of 2018 and increased her involvement in the Migraine Patient Education Days and Retreat Migraine as well as other events. In 2019, she trained with the US Pain Foundation to become a support group leader. Personally understanding the challenges associated with traveling for in-person meetings, in January 2020 Anikah worked with Miles for Migraine to host and lead the first ever weekly Miles for Migraine national virtual support group. There are over 85 registered participants and it continues to grow daily. Anikah now manages the Miles for Migraine six city Meet Up initiative

Anikah continues to share her journey and experience in an effort to increase migraine awareness and provide support to those suffering from migraine and their families. Whether it is migraine or another chronic condition, she wants everyone to know, "You are not alone."

Larry Charleston

Larry Charleston, MD, MSc, FAHS

Dr. Charleston is Director of the Headache & Facial Pain Division, Director of Faculty Development and Professor of Neurology in Michigan State University Human College of Medicine Department of Neurology and Ophthalmology and Adjunct faculty at the Jefferson Headache Center.

LaQuinda McCoy

LaQuinda McCoy

LaQuinda McCoy suffered from migraine attacks since junior high school. In 2007 her migraine transitioned from chronic to intractable. Having to leave her job as a liver transplant nurse of 10 years in 2018 led her into a spiral of depression.

Frustrated with the lack of support from her neurologist, she realized the best way to help herself and others was to emerge in knowledge. Advocacy became her haven after attending Retreat Migraine. In 2019, she began sharing her story to local businesses to help improve workplace conditions for those living with migraine. She returned to Retreat Migraine in 2021 as a guest speaker to share her journey with migraine disease.

LaQuinda is featured in the Invisible Project: Migraine & Headache 4th Edition and 2nd Edition of My Chronic Brain Magazine. She is a member of the U.S. Pain Foundation Disparities Solutions Advisory Council and The Disparities in Headache Advisory Council.

LaQuinda’s mission is to empower, educate and bring awareness regarding migraine disease and disparities in the BIPOC community. She is currently working as a freelance Content Writer, part time Home Health/Hospice nurse and contributor/moderator for You can find her on Instagram & Twitter at @AdvocacywithQ.