Dear Migraine

Migraine and Headache Inspired Essays, Poems and Art by 64 Contributors

Cover to the book "Dear Migraine"

Dear Migraine

Inside these pages you will find works that illustrate pain and struggle, but also laughter, insights, and inspiration. The words and visuals in this book are by 64 contributors who have all been affected by migraine and headache diseases. This compilation is an advocacy project led by Lisa R. Benson as part of “ACT Now: The Advocacy Connection Team Training Program for Fellows and Patients.” This initiative was started in 2021 by Miles for Migraine, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All proceeds benefit Miles for Migraine.

Praise for Dear Migraine

Through the lens of a headache specialist fortunate enough to be able to care for people with migraine, I found this book to be a source of inspiration and hope.  The editors and contributing authors offer the reader an incredible arrangement of deeply personal and touching reflections on the impact of migraine in the form of essays, poems, vivid artwork and illustrations.  Even as the field of headache medicine continues to evolve, this collection of personal accounts reminds us of the importance of empathetic care, understanding and listening by one’s clinicians and loved ones."

- Brian M. Grosberg, MD, FAHS
Director, Hartford HealthCare Headache Center, Ayer Neuroscience Institute
Professor of Neurology, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

This book takes you through the outstanding journey of people living with Migraine. You will dive into an amazing transformation, through the darkness to hope and strength. The art, pictures have such sincerity and power that it felt healing. I hope the readers of this book will stay connected to Miles for Migraine Community of spectacular Migraine warriors."

- Nina Riggins, MD, PhD, FAAN, FAHS, UCNS Diplomate
Director, Headache and Traumatic Brain Injury Center, UC San Diego Health Miles for Migraine Board Member

Filled with stunning artwork, poems, and stories that reveal the pain and hope of living with a migraine disorder, DEAR MIGRAINE gives you a raw look into the lives of patient advocates. These are stories only we can tell - the ones who know the pain of feeling like your life has been stolen away, but no one around you actually believes it can be that bad. Within it, you will feel seen, heard, and valued. Many times I found myself saying “Yes! That is me!”. Through all the pain, many of the advocates find beauty in small wins - a great physician, a supportive partner, a new friend, as well as a sense of humor (migraine gets a review of zero stars!). It’s a beautiful balance that is a pleasure to read."

- Alicia Wolf / The Dizzy Cook
Author and Advocate,

This work is a must-read for anyone who lives with migraine or cares about someone who does. A raw glimpse into the misery and isolation of the disease and its accompanying stigma, it also illustrates the inspiring resiliency of the migraine warrior. As a migraine treating physician, it brings into clearer focus the reasons that I was chosen for this vocation."

- James K. Murtha, MD
Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

Dive into this moving collection of stories where individuals confront the relentless grip of migraine. Experience the heart-wrenching impact of this misunderstood disease as it dismantles lives and dreams, yet find inspiration in the unwavering resilience and strength that shine through. A journey celebrating hope, resilience, and the enduring strength of those living with migraine."

- Morgan Fitzgerald / Life with Migraine
Researcher and Advocate,