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Support Miles for Migraine

Create Your Own Event

You can design your own awareness or fundraising event

We would like to hold our live events in every city, but each event we hold requires significant funding from sponsors.

Currently, there is a shortage of headache specialists - some states do not have any. Our model is to hold events in cities that participate in UCNS (United Council for Neurological Subspecialties) sponsored fellowship programs. In an effort to alleviate the specialist shortage, we raise funds to help fellowship programs conduct research. Research is a vital part of every doctor’s training program.

1. What you need to know

Read "Planning a Virtual Miles for Migraine Event", by Francine Martinie Chough sharing her experience organizing an event. Then download our Virtual Event Guide.

2. Where to sign up

Once you're familiar with the Event Guide, sign up for free to become a part of the Advocacy Connection Team and join our community of local event coordinators and fundraisers.

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