Clinical Trials for Migraine and Headache Disease

More research is needed to help find safe and effective treatments for people living with migraine and headache disease. As we are made aware of clinical trials that may be of interest to our community, we will post more information on this page.

Migraine Clinical Trials With Accellacare

Biohaven BHV3500-302

Adult migraine study (18+), must be diagnosed with migraine >1 year; in last 3 months, must experience at least 8 migraines and at least 15 headaches per month.

Eli Lilly H8H-MC-LAHV

Pediatric migraine study (ages 6-17), must experience at least 2-8 moderate-to-severe migraines per month in past 2 months and is at least 33lbs and can swallow a tablet.

Migraine Clinical Trials With AbbVie

Are you living with migraines? You might be able to help scientists uncover new solutions by sharing your health data and migraine experiences. When you participate in the AbbVie Research Collaborative, you’re partnering with scientists to help unlock knowledge of migraine disease. Joining the migraine research trial is easy and free.

Migraine Clinical Trials With Click Therapeutics


An at-home clinical research study is underway to evaluate whether investigational digital therapeutic apps can help treat migraine. Your participation can help advance migraine treatments, and may earn you up to $575.


  • Use 1 or more prescription medications for migraine.
  • Diagnosed with migraine for at least 1 year.
  • 18+ years of age.