Reframing Migraine

By Dr. William B. Young Migraine gets lousy press. Sure, we get a lot of articles in women’s magazines on “holiday headache,” “foods to avoid,” and “sex and headache.” Unfortunately, these types of articles encourage the notion that migraine is a nuisance disease, lead to misunderstanding for the journey of people with serious and disabling …

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Fighting for Migraine With Words

By Dr. William B. Young The words and phrases we use subtly influence how we and others think about the world. This matters a lot for migraine. It is hard to change people’s preconceived, ignorant notions and arguments just don’t have much of an impact. I’ve been arguing for a long time, and I don’t think …

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Advocacy for my Migraine Toolkit

By Heidi Brehm Advocacy is an essential part of my migraine treatment tool kit. It’s as effective as managing my diet, daily exercise, meditation and mindfulness, taking supplements, and healthy sleep habits. It is more powerful than any of the preventative prescription treatments I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many). That’s why I’m so happy that at …

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They’re Wrong and You Can Prove It

By Dr. William B. Young Recently I was trying to cajole some headache doctors I know to start a Miles for Migraine walk/run in their communities. They said to me that they wouldn’t be successful at getting many patients to participate because—and I paraphrase—“of the biology of the disease: migraine itself makes it so patients won’t …

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