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Support Miles for Migraine

Burlington, Vermont 2019

Saturday, September 21, 2019

This event has passed

  • Time

    Saturday, September 21, 2019
    9:00 am Start for all events

  • Location

    Veterans Memorial Park
    600 Swift St
    South Burlington, VT 05403

  • Distance

    2 Mile Walk / 5k Run / 10k Run

  • Packet Pickup

    Friday, September 20th, 4pm-7pm
    Healthy Living
    222 Dorset St, South Burlington, VT 05403


Are you a walker or runner but need a place to leave your child while you’re out on the course? Maybe you are an adult who is not up for walking or running, but still want to take part in our day? Sign up for a Treasure Hunt - Map the Migraine. This event is for – kids, grown-ups, and families:


Do you or does someone you know have a headache disorder, specifically migraine, cluster headache or chronic daily headache? Strike back at this disabling disease by joining our team! Volunteers are needed to help plan and prepare for our races, as well as on race day. See the sections below for the various ways you can get involved.


Volunteers are needed for publicity, race planning, marketing, and finding donors and sponsors.


Come and Relax in our Quiet Tent. Simply attending shows the public you are an advocate

  • We also need Volunteers and Course Cheerleaders.
  • Bring your family to the “Map the Migraine” Kid’s Treasure Hunt for kids ages 8 and older. Follow the clues to win prizes.


  • Course Monitors

    Volunteers are needed to be cheerleaders on the course and make sure participants are going in the right direction. Course monitors are needed from approx. 8:15 am – 11:00 am depending on event distance.

  • Water Station

    Volunteers are needed to setup and manage the water stops from approx. 8:30 am – 11:00 am.

  • Registration

    Volunteers needed to assist with registration from 7:30 am – 10:30 am. Must be organized, have ability to work at a fast pace and familiar with race registration process to assist in this area.

  • Gear Check

    Volunteer needed from approx. 7:45 am- 11:00 am for our gear check tent to label participant belongings and return them to participants after they complete the walk or run.

  • Cheerleaders

    If you are unable to walk or run, this is the perfect way to be involved and support all who are walking and running! We would love for you to join us from 8:30 am -11:00 am and welcome participants back through the finish line.

  • Thank You Committee

    We know some of you cannot get up early, have chronic migraine, or are fearful of having an attack in public. But we still need you to come to the event and so we have an easy job where you can show up late on race day and feel free to leave after 30 minutes.

    If we want to see public perception of this disabling disease shift from, “It’s just a headache” to “Migraine and cluster are neurological diseases that can cause disability,” then we ALL have to do something. You can sit at the finish line (we will provide the chairs), and when runners and walkers cross over, you can hand them their medal and simply say, “Thank you.”

Want to help make this event a success?

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