Sarah Rathsack

Sarah Rathsack, Patient Advocate

Sarah Rathsack is a patient, writer and creator of the blog My Migraine Life.  She has lived with migraine since age 5 and became chronic in her 20s.  Sarah retired from being an intervention specialist for children with severe needs to be a stay at home mom.  During this time, she started her blog to explain all the challenges that migraine brings to herself and family.  Her advocacy has grown each year and her impact has reached well beyond her blog.

Now, as a preschool teacher and migraine advocate, Sarah helps many in many ways.  She serves on the Miles for Migraine Warrior Advisory Board and has fundraised thousands of dollars for Miles for Migraine.  She was the top fundraiser, largest team and received an award for being a warrior advocate participating and speaking in Cincinnati and Cleveland while walking in Phoenix.  She has more trips planned to support Miles for Migraine throughout the country and wants to focus on bringing communities together while raising funds for important migraine research and grants.

This year, Sarah was featured in a video highlighting her work with Miles for Migraine and beyond named “Meet Me at the Races.”    She is also an American Migraine Foundation partner and you will find her writing on various advocacy websites.

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