Elise Hennessy

Elise Hennessy, M.D.

Elise Hennessy is a current Headache Medicine fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. She is originally from northeast Ohio and received her medical degree from Penn State University in Hershey, PA while staying to complete her neurology residency there as well. Early on in residency, she met countless patients who were impacted by migraine and quickly saw how truly debilitating the disease can be. She is excited to help those patients get their quality of life back. These patients inspired her to pursue a career as a headache specialist, and she could not be more excited for the future.

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The Phases of a Migraine Attack – Breaking it Down

Living with migraine disease is hard! Some days, you feel normal, but on other days, you can feel down or different without knowing why, and then suddenly, you’re being caught off-guard by a migraine attack. Those who live with migraine often hear things like “It’s just a headache,” or “Why don’t you take some medicine…

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Announcing our ACT Now Superstars of 2022/2023

Miles for Migraine just completed its third advocacy training program for fellows and patients across the country called ACT Now resulting in some superstars. ACT is an acronym for Advocacy Connection Team. The training covers various topics associated with advocacy for doctors, patients, and caregivers. These participants go through a 9-month training program with monthly…

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ACT Now Fellows

Advocacy Connection Team (ACT Now) Fellows Headache fellows are doctors who undergo one year of specialized training in the field of headache medicine. Upon completing their fellowship, these doctors become certified Headache Specialists by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS). Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of these specialized providers in our country. Currently, there are…

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