Advocacy starts with me

Advocacy Starts with Me

Advocacy starts with me. But where do I begin? Miles for Migraine is a great way to start. From educational events to walk/run/relax events across the country, advocacy starts with me. There are many ways to volunteer, fundraise and connect with others with migraine and headache disorders.

Advocacy Starts with Me

There are many different ways to advocate. Not everyone is the same. Therefore, Miles for Migraine has created multiple options for patients, caretakers, doctors, and the public to lessen the stigma, increase funding, and create connections.

Self Advocacy

Knowing how to tell your story and how to get what you need is a way advocacy starts. Learn to tell your story and many ways to self-advocate with the ACT Now program: fellows and patient training program. The unique part of this program is that fellows (future headache specialists) participate in the advocacy training which will be reflected in their practices. With a lack of headache specialists across the country, funds raised at Miles for Migraine events go to supporting these doctors.


Advocacy starts with taking care of your mental health. Join this mindfulness series to reduce stress, a known migraine trigger. Meditation, yoga, art therapy, tai chi, and guided creative writing may help bring a calming practice into your life.

Advocacy Starts with Support

A way of supporting yourself is supporting others. Support groups are a way to connect with your peers and people who truly understand what you are going through. Migraine and headache disorders can be very isolating. By connecting with others, advocacy starts to feel more empowering.

Advocacy Starts with Education

Learn about many different migraine and headache disorder topics. By learning about the disease, you can learn about yourself and become a stronger advocate.

Advocacy Starts with Helping Others

The family programs include youth & parent events, support groups, research studies, and migraine resources. The youth & parent education events are in partnership with children’s hospitals and other healthcare providers to discuss topics to advocate for children with migraine. Teen talks are held virtually weekly.  Parent-to-parent support groups are one-hour virtual groups for parents held twice a month. All of these spaces provide a judgment-free and understanding space.

The walk/run/relax events are the best way to advocate for yourself and for someone you love. The local events occur in person (although virtual options still exist). They are a time and place to meet your local community, get information about migraine products and medications, and raise money for migraine. In order to support someone you love, showing up at these events and fundraising is a huge way to advocate!

Remember that advocacy starts with me. It all starts with one step. A step out the door to walk, a step towards better communication, a step towards more funding, a step towards more connection, a step towards more education, and a step in the right direction. Advocacy begins with me and that means it begins with YOU!

advocacy starts with me

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