Advocacy Connection Team (ACT Now) Fellows

Headache fellows are doctors who undergo one year of specialized training in the field of headache medicine. Upon completing their fellowship, these doctors become certified Headache Specialists by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS). Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of these specialized providers in our country. Currently, there are only about 700 UCNS Headache Specialists for a population of 40 million people who have migraine and headache disease.

To address this shortage, we fund these programs with grants raised from our Walk/Run/Relax events. To further our mission of advocacy, we developed the ACT Now Advocacy Training Program. This nine-month program is designed for both fellows and patients and is led by leading physicians and advocates in the field. The program covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of advocacy as part of a patient's treatment plan. By raising awareness and reducing stigma, we aim to strengthen our movement and improve the lives of those who have migraine and headache disease.

Headache Fellow & Healthcare Provider Graduates

August 2022 - April 2023 Cohort

Liz Ackley

Dr. Liz Ackley

University of Colorado/ & Children’s Hospital Colorado

Chris Anderson

Dr. Chris Anderson

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

Santosh Bhaskarabhatla

Dr. Santosh Bhaskarabhatla


Sudipa Biswas

Dr. Sudipa Biswas

Cleveland Clinic

Michelle Bravo

Dr. Michelle Bravo

University of Miami

Monica Chan

Dr. Monica Chan

Mt. Sinai

Murray Choueka

Dr. Murray Choueka

Mt. Sinai

Liam Clark

Dr. Liam Clark

University of Utah

Danyelle Evans

Dr. Danyelle Evans

Texas Children's Hospital

Rachel Evans

Dr. Rachel Evans

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Nathalia Figueiredo

Dr. Natalie Figueiredo

Jefferson Headache Center

Mitra Haeri

Dr. Mitra Haeri

Jefferson Headache Center

Elise Hennessy

Dr. Elisa Hennessy

Cleveland Clinic

Ishani Kumar

Dr. Ishani Kumar

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Maksym Marek

Dr. Maksym Marek

USC Keck

Kristina Maselli

Dr. Kristina Maselli


Adil Niaz

Dr. Adil Niaz


Tahoora Sadoughi

Dr. Tahoora Sadoughi

USC Keck

Harshika Satyarthi

Dr. Harshika Satyarthi

University of California San Francisco

Risako Sharane

Dr. Risako Shirane


Kristyn Spera

Dr. Kristyn Spera

Wake Forest University

Kosta Tourlas

Dr. Kosta Tourlas

University of Texas at Austin

Mustafa Yehya

Dr. Mustafa Yehya

Barrow Neurological Institute

August 2021 - April 2022 Cohort

Marissa Anto

Dr. Marissa Anto

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Kate Onorato Bedrin

Dr. Kate Bedrin

MedStar Georgetown Headache Center

Mai-Lynn Bui

Dr. Mai-lyn Bui

University of South Florida Tampa

Michelle DePoy

Dr. Michelle DePoy

Jefferson Headache Center

Ann Freed

Dr. Abby Freed

USC Keck


Dr. David Kopel


Brittany Mays

Dr. Brittany Mays

Mass General Brigham/Harvard


Dr. James Murtha

Medical College of Wisconsin

Ann Oh

Dr. Ann Oh

Children's Hospital of Colorado & CU Anschutz Medical Center

Armita Sadeghi

Dr. Armita Sadeghi



Dr. Amara Sattar

Seymour Diamond Headache Fellowship at the Diamond Headache Clinic

Hannah Johnson Shapiro

Dr. Hannah Johnson Shapiro

Brigham and Women’s John R. Graham Headache Center

Anjali Sundarmoorthy

Dr. Anjali Sundaramoorthy

MedStar Georgetown Headache Center

Michael Tamini

Dr. Michael Tamini

NYU Langone


Dr. Alison Thaler

NYU Langone

Marianna Vinokur

Dr. Marianna Vinokur

Jefferson Headache Center

January 2021 - June 2021 Cohort

Aarushi Suneja, Aniket Natekar, Ashley Alex, Ayesha Ahmad, Azmin Kahriman, Bianca Barcelo, Chantel Strachan, Chelsea Stone, Claire Ceriani, Courtney S White, Cynthia Morris, Deanna Duggan, Emily Riddle, Hao Huang, Himanshu Suri, Hsiangkuo Yuan, Jason Ziplow, Jennifer Evan, Karissa N. Arca, Kendall Wyllie, Maria E. Garcia-Ayala, Perveen Chattha, Sankeerth Challagundla, Sara Pavitt, Sara Pavitt, Sarah M Bobker, Shamin Masrour, Shirley Ju, Shivani Shah, Temitope Adeyeye, Trevor Gerson, Vanessa Cooper